Posted by Editor: FDBobko
August 18, 2022 
Club Meeting
Article by Joe Brennan
Photos by EJ Dieterle      
President Krystlyn Giedt called the meeting to order in the Library at 12:15, people were straggling in and we had a lot of good fellowship leading up to it.  
The first announcement was that the Club Board will be meeting on Friday August 26th at 8:30am in the Chamber office and on Zoom. Joe Brennan reminded the Club that we have five perspective members to follow up on which will be discussed at Friday’s meeting:

Rinaldo Vezilisa
Cynthia Horvorka
Kishinev Prathivadi
Rolando Madrid
Micheala Ochoa
Fernanda Sausen
Mitone Griffith announced the Coastal Clean Up will be on September 17th this year and we will focus on Dunes Beach from 9am to Noon with possible follow on Social Event…stay tuned!
Joe Brennan announced Sonrisas’ annual fundraising event coming up on the evening of September 17th at the Library. He attended last year, reporting that it was a great event for a great cause and suggested the Club support them in some way as we have in the past…to be discussed at Board Meeting.
Happy/Crappy News yescrying - Soapbox
Krystlyn reported on her trip to Astoria and Cannon Beach,  Oregon on the trail of the Goonies (1984 film of treasure and pirates). She visited Astoria’s Chamber and the local museum. A welcome break and successful road trip!

Ginger Child Minoletti reported on her long stay on her annual visit to Lake Michigan catching up with family, sailing, Polish Rolls and the Bump & Run. While there they purchased Ruby Two, a Ford Focus, to remain there for future visits replacing Ruby, their favorite old Oldsmobile.

John and Larkin Evans flew down to Simi Valley to visit their daughter and family. Air complications led them to take the Amtrak’s scenic and comfortable Coast Starlight home…highly recommended.

Warren Barmore visited Lake Tahoe to see his daughter play in a Softball Tournament. They also tubed a river, rented a boat for a cruise, did a high ropes course and stopped by their Johnson Family reunion in Elk Grove.

Joe Brennan recounted his desert Jeep trip across Nevada to Idaho and Utah. The highlight was visiting Great Basin National Park to celebrate 100 years of protection for Lehman Caves where he met up with his friend Dave Sharp (91) who was raised in NE Nevada and whose wife Becky was park superintendent fo seven years.
Marble Game -  coolsadwink ?????
Next week’s meeting will feature District Governor Gary Chow’s visit so we look forward to seeing you all! He will meet with the Board at 10:15am in the Library.

Krystlyn brought up Magic of the Coast’s return as a multi faceted event. Further discussion and planning to follow.
Attending in person were:
Krystlyn Giedt
Ginger Child Minoletti
Mitone Griffith
Stacy Trevenon 
John Evans
EJ Dieterle
Heather Bodmann 
Kevin O’Brien
Joe Brennan
On Zoom; Rene Lewis