Posted by Editor: FDBobko on Aug 19, 2020
August 13  2020
Annual CISD New Teachers Welcome
Club Meeting  
Article by Liz Schuck
Screen Shots by Dianne Bobko
This meeting was called to order by President Mary Rogren followed by the Pledge of Alligence and an Inspirational Thought.
This was our annual CISD New Teachers Welcome meeting.  Usually we have them as guests for lunch with us, but instead the meeting was set up on Zoom. Liz Schuck happily helped President Mary make the arrangements for all of the teachers, principals and Superintendent Sean McPhetridge join the zoom meeting. Together Liz and Mary created a letter that was sent to each of the new staff members inviting them to our meeting today.
Since we couldn't host the usual luncheon, they were each given a $50 gift card and a $20 card to Café Society that was arranged and donated by Joe  Brennan and Harpo Marx, owner of Cafe Society.  Harpo stepped up and paid for half since it is for such a good cause! 
Attending were Superintendent Sean McPhetridge and seven new staff members. Claire Beltrami is the new Principal at El Granada Elementary school. Tom Galvin is Social Studies teacher at half Moon Bay High School. Joelle sauté is a new Math teacher at half Moon Bay High School as is Jesse Choi. Steven Francis is a new Science teacher at Cunha. Brenda DeJesus is the new Immersion teacher at Hatch as is Pamela Monestie. 
The other new teachers and staff that didn’t join the meeting today included Isa Polt-Jones another Immersion teacher at Hatch, Colt Mobley a new PE teacher at Cunha, Alyssa Jaramillo the new Assistant Principal at Hatch and Erin Brown the new Psychologist at the high school.
Superintendent McPhetridge gave a very interesting and detailed presentation on the current plans for the schools to reopen this month online.  As he said this was a decision taken very carefully by the Board and other decision makers.  As he put it from his perspective, if he couldn't get a hair cut or eat indoors at a restaurant, then how could he expect teachers and students to attend school in the buildings and classrooms.  The decision will be revisited in the middle of October taking the current situation at that point.  He answered many questions from Club members. 
Following his presentation, each of the new staff members introduced themselves and gave a brief description of their background, experience and their administrative or academic area.  
They were all very pleased to get our invitation and have the opportunity to introduce themselves.  In addition Mari Holcomb, Exchange Student Aya' mother also attended the meeting and we were happy to have her questions and input regarding the students and school starting
All of the Rotarians who attended were very pleased as well to welcome and visit with them and particularly appreciated Superintendent McPhetridge's presentation.