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April 27, 2023
Club Members Trip to Mexico
Article by Steve Wilson
Today's program was a pictorial presentation on the recent visit to the LaPaz clinic by a number of club members and friends of the club.  Seven people in total traveled from March 8-14 including EJ and Rose (check Rose), Bill and Austen, Joe and Kevin. 
The health care needs of the La Paz area are pretty stark.  About 25% of the local population have no effective access to health care. 
Primary service and educational stops on the trip included a prosthetices clinic in La Paz where discarded U.S. prosthetic limbs are re-tooled and adapted to new use (can't do that in the U.S.), a local cooperative womens' mutual welfare organization (mothers with children), and the Asta Clinic. 
What was really obvious from the talk is the importance of the support of U.S. and Mexican service clubs and humanitarian organzations as being a primary support of rural clinics.  Also the group  saw first hand the effects of poor nutrition.  Sadly, U.S. corporations contribute greatly to that, as sugary soft drinks and junk food cost less than fress, healthful food and are far more available.
The group had some fun, too,  stopping at Margaritaville, Espirito Santo Island (to see the sea lions), a Rotary-loving ice cream vendor, the Rotary Club of Balendra and Puerto Adolfo (to see the whales).  
CLUB MEETING, April 27, 2023 
President Krystlyn led us in the flag salute to kick things off. 
Ginger led us in celebration of our newest member, Yosem Companys,  who has been acting as greeter.  Everyone should look for Yosem and get to know him--he's easy to get to know.  Yosem's family includes a spouse who is an MD and three children.










Today's guests were Rose (EJ), Jim Holley (Joe) and Marla (Dave).

Liz announced that our club Farmworker Fund had raised enough money for six mattresses (already purchased) with a seventh to come.
Charise gave a great report on the outcome of this year's Life Skills program, which did eventually field the necessary volunteers for interviews.  Some of the participants also shared. 
Finally, John Evans confirmed that we will indeed have a French exchange student (girl) this fall, arranged through Stephanie, the mother of our former exchange student Louise, who pushed on the French side for our club to be chosen.
Star of Appreciation Awards
The March Presidential Star of Appreciation was awarded to Sean Engmann for his enthusiastic participation on our Board.
Pres. Krystlyn awarded her Presidential Star of Appreciation to Barb Neilsen for her work on the fundraiser in April.
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 Marble Game -  coolsadwink  Barb won the marble draw but sadly came up green.