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APRIL 11, 2024
Club Members International Services Work in Mexico
Article by Susan Kealey
Pictures by Liz Schuck

Last year’s trip resulted in the start up of a new club and a grant.  Joe, Kevin, Bill and Austin, EJ and Rose were last last year’s intrepid travelers. 

This year our team consisted of Joe, Ed, Liz, Teri, Varda, and Susan Shapira. 

Liz started by telling on Joe who got stopped, "stripped" at airport security and had an explosives expert analyze his umbrella. After 40 minutes in airport security, he was finally set free. Astro, a NASA astronaut doll picked up at Bo’s memorial in Texas, was the trip mascot. 

In keeping with a general theme,  they got to La Paz, after Joe ran a red light. He got pulled over, paid $60 and on they went to El Poyo Loco. We were treated to some beautiful sightseeing pictures. Joe, talked about growing pearls and the pearl industry.  A huge pearl from this area is in the British crown. 

The mission was to get a mobile medical clinic, donated by Rotary, moved. It was moved to the general location, but brush needed to be cleared first before moving it into place. The tow truck driver donated his time for the day. The mobile clinic will be rehabbed, like the dental clinic they already have done. Our team brought supplies like toothbrushes, vitamins, etc. to the clinic.

The team found that the food everywhere was great. Wine note:  the red blend “Rags” was terrific. They had breakfast with Past DG, President, President of the new club, and current DG. They have a joint district conference with Arizona in May. 

They also visited a prosthetic clinic. The US does not allow the reuse of metal prosthetic parts. The gentleman who started the clinic drove used parts down to Mexico. Previously people down there used whatever they could piece together. This clinic has been helping them for 20 years now. Liz shared information on a new prosthetic device that uses a screw into the bone—like an implant. Not approved here yet, but is being trialed in other countries. 




While on the way to whale watching a fan belt on the van broke. Fortunately it was fixed in 15 minutes. They did see whales, although the whales were a bit camera shy. We were treated to a view of Joe’s tower of cervechi. The group stayed at a lovely lodge as part of the whale watching tour. 

Unfortunately Ed came down with COVID, a volunteer had Paxlovid for him. The rest tested negative, and Ed has recovered. 

While the rest of the crew dealt with broken fan belts and the whale watching adventure, Liz and Teri investigated an art museum and…a French pastry cafe. 😉

The group was also treated to a tour of a new Inclusivity Garden. The tour started with a bit of off-roading. Once there, they learned that the garden goal is to have a mango tree grove. Everyone planted two mango trees to help out. They also plan other gardens, sports areas, etc.  The goal is to have the participants learn how to grow and harvest things. They ended the tour with a BBQ and Karaoke. 

Once back in La Paz the group had dinner and whiskey. The following day, at the next clinic, they learned about the UNESCO sponsored programs involved and put informational packets together. The mobile clinic was given a thorough clear out to prepare it for its remodel. Finally there was a farewell dinner with clinic staff. 

On the way home, Joe’s problems with Customs continued as he got busted for contraband—Duck Tape. Who knew? Okay, it was clearly shown on the poster the agent provided him after the offending article was confiscated. 

Liz gave a bottle of wine and a big thank you to Joe from the team for being such a good team leader (and good sport). 

CLUB MEETING,  April 11, 2024
Irwin showed off his new RI flag “Magic of Rotary”. The story behind the flag and sentiment is that our incoming International President was serving in Africa. She was there to provide a filter to clean drinking water. It was installed and tested. To a local child, it was like magic to see clear water flowing, rather than the usual brown stuff. The child said “make more magic” and turned the tap. That is why next year’s theme is Rotary Magic.  

Pledge of Allegiance

Inspirational Thought 

Greeter Patricia Roma shared the following invocation—“Live with intention. Walk to the edge. Listen hard. Practice wellness. Play with abandon. Laugh. Choose with no regret. Appreciate your friends. Continue tolearn. Do what you love. Live as if this is all there is.”

Upcoming Events  The date for the Lobster Fest has been set for September 7


Kevin—reminded us that the outing to see Mrs. Doughtfire is coming up soon. 

Susan—asked if anyone was interested in a pot luck picnic to celebrate Earth Day—a few hands went up. Email to follow. 

Warren—it is time to organize for the Dictionary Project. We need need volunteers, especially leads. Joe volunteered to be the lead for Faralon View and Kevin volunteered for Hatch. 

Happy News

John reported that Suzanne’s parents are coming to visit. 

Dianne reported that Suzanne has two pictures in the student art show at Coastal Art League.  The reception is on the 26th, Friday. It would be nice to have a good turnout by us at the reception. 

Marble Draw—Teri pulled a green marble.